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6.27.10 -ThumbPad 2009 review of MADBODIES gives it ...TWO BIG BRUISE THROBBING THUMBS UP...

-ClassicVGM 2009 review of MB said, ...ENDLESS HOURS OF GAMEPLAY...

5.2.09 The madness is here!!! Order your copy of MADBODIES madness today little cusses!!! >:)

3.2.09 MADBODIES manuals and so on have been printed so stay tuned Jaguar fans! And don't forget to check out the new crappy MB clip.

1.16.07 Now, all the MADBODIES cart shells are awaiting the circuit cards and they are awaiting the final binary to be burn on the ROMs! ;)

8.22.06 All the MADBODIES circuit cards are built awaiting the final binary to be burn to the ROMs! ;)

2.09.04 If nobody gets mad, MADBODIES wouldn't live up to it's title, so some bodies got to get mad at the game, hehe..., page updated! >:)

12.26.03 We at FORCE Design are still working hard on our projects. We are glad to know people are still interested in our games being released in the future for the Jaguar 64-BIT. >:)

MB Box art

9.01.03 If you haven't heard, MADBODIES (MB) being release for the Jaguar CD Compact Digital Player has been cancel. So MB will be release on Cartridges for the Jaguar 64-BIT instead. Also, MB is in beta testing/debugging stage and it is coming a long just fine. >:)

8.04.03 MADBODIES page updated with new in-game clip!

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